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✓ Volunteers of America

Volunteers of America is a faith-based nonprofit organization founded in 1896 that provides affordable housing, healthcare and hundreds of other assistance services primarily to low-income people throughout the United States.

  • Volunteers of America helps almost 2.5 million people in over 400 communities through hundreds of human service programs, including housing and healthcare.

    Volunteers of America Southeast, Inc.
    (Alabama, Georgia & Mississippi)
    600 Azalea Road
    Mobile, AL 36609
    Phone: (800) 859-4431; (251) 666-4431
    Fax: (251) 666-2836
    President/CEO: Wallace T. Davis
    E-mail Address: wdavis@voase.org

    Volunteers of America of Alaska
    1675 C Street, Suite 201
    Anchorage, AK 99501
    Phone: (907) 279-9634
    Fax: (907) 279-0148
    President/CEO: Elaine M. Dahlgren
    E-mail Address: emdahlgren@voaak.org

    Volunteers of America Greater Los Angeles
    3600 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1500
    Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Phone: (213) 389-1500
    Fax: (213) 385-7599
    President/CEO: Robert (Bob) J. Pratt
    E-mail Address: bpratt@voala.org

    Volunteers of America – Northern California & Northern Nevada, Inc.
    (California & Nevada)
    1900 Point West Way, Suite 270
    Sacramento, CA 95815
    Phone: (916) 442-3691
    Fax: (916) 442-1861
    President/CEO: Leo J. McFarland
    E-mail Address: voaleo@aol.com

    Volunteers of America Southwest California, Inc.
    (California & Arizona)
    3530 Camino Del Rio North, Suite 300
    San Diego, CA 92108
    Phone: (619) 282-8211
    Fax: (619) 282-1300
    President/CEO: Gerald F. McFadden
    E-mail Address: gmcfadden@voa-swcal.org

    Volunteers of America Colorado Branch
    2660 Larimer Street
    Denver, CO 80205
    Phone: (303) 297-0408
    Fax: (720) 264-3306
    President/CEO: Dianna L. Kunz
    E-mail Address: dlkunz@voacolorado.org

    Volunteers of America of Florida, Inc.
    405 Central Avenue, Suite 100
    St Petersburg, FL 33701-3866
    Phone: (813) 282-1525
    Fax: (813) 287-8831
    President/CEO: Kathryn (Kathy) E. Spearman
    E-mail Address: kspearman@voa-fla.org

    Volunteers of America of Illinois, Inc.
    47 West Polk Street, Suite 250
    Chicago, IL 60605-2765
    Phone: (312) 564-2300
    Fax: (312) 564-2301
    President/CEO: Nancy Hughes Moyer
    E-mail Address: nhughes@voail.org

    Volunteers of America of Indiana, Inc.
    927 North Pennsylvania St.
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    Phone: (317) 686-5800
    Fax: (317) 686-5810
    President/CEO: Tim Campbell
    E-mail Address: tcampbell@voain.org

    Volunteers of America of Kentucky, Inc.
    933 Goss Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40217
    Phone: (502) 636-0771
    Fax: (502) 637-8111
    President/CEO: Jane (Janie) Burks
    E-mail Address: janeb@voaky.org

    Volunteers of America Greater Baton Rouge, Inc.
    3949 North Blvd.
    Baton Rouge, LA 70806
    Phone: (225) 387-0061
    Fax: (225) 381-7963
    President/CEO: Jane Shank
    E-mail Address: JShank@voagbr.org

    Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans, Inc.
    4152 Canal Street
    New Orleans, LA 70119
    Phone: (504) 482-2130
    Fax: (504) 835-0409
    President/CEO: James (Jim) M. LeBlanc
    E-mail Address: jleblanc@voagno.org

    Volunteers of America of North Louisiana
    360 Jordan Street
    Shreveport, LA 71101
    Phone: (318) 221-2669
    Fax: (318) 222-6370
    President/CEO: Charles (Chuck) E. Meehan
    E-mail Address: chuck.meehan@voanorthla.org

    Volunteers of America Northern New England, Inc.
    14 Maine Street, Suite 301
    Brunswick, ME 04011
    Phone: (207) 373-1140
    Fax: (207) 373-1160
    President/CEO: June A. Koegel
    E-mail Address: june.koegel@voanne.org

    Volunteers of America Chesapeake, Inc.
    7901 Annapolis Road, 2nd Floor, Suite 200
    Lanham, MD 20706
    Phone: (301) 459-2020
    Fax: (301) 459-2627
    President/CEO: Russell (Russ) Snyder
    E-mail Address:rsnyder@voaches.org

    Volunteers of America of Massachusetts, Inc.
    441 Centre Street
    Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
    Phone: (617) 522-8086
    Fax: (617) 522-4533
    President/CEO: Thomas (Tom) L. Bierbaum
    E-mail Address: tbierbaum@voamass.org

    Volunteers of America Michigan, Inc.
    21415 Civic Center Drive, Suite 210
    Southfield, MI 48076
    Phone: (248) 945-0101
    Fax: (248) 945-0202
    President/CEO: Alex Brodrick
    E-mail Address: alexb@voami.org

    Volunteers of America of Minnesota
    7625 Metro Boulevard
    Minneapolis, MN 55439
    Phone: (952) 945-4000
    Fax: (952) 945-4100
    President/CEO: Paula Hart
    E-mail Address: phart@voamn.org

    Volunteers of America of Western Nebraska, Inc.
    All Correspondence goes to:
    P.O. Box 128
    Lewellen, NE 69147
    FedEx/Shipping ONLY goes to:
    305 Main Street
    Lewellen, NE 69147
    Phone: (308) 778-5548
    Fax: (308) 778-5547
    President/CEO: Jean Jensen
    E-mail Address: jean.jensen@voa.org

    Volunteers of America Delaware Valley, Inc.
    235 White Horse Pike
    Collingswood, NJ 08107-1951
    Phone: (800) 281-4354; (856) 854-4660
    Fax: (856) 854-0651
    President/CEO: Daniel (Dan) L. Lombardo
    E-mail Address: dzippy@voadv.org

    Volunteers of America – Greater New York, Inc.
    (Northern New Jersey, Metropolitan New York,
    Hudson and Central Valley Regions and Connecticut)
    340 West 85th Street
    New York, NY 10024
    Phone: (212) 873-2600
    Fax: (212) 769-2629
    President/CEO: Richard Motta
    E-mail Address: rmotta@voa-gny.org

    Volunteers of America of Western New York, Inc.
    214 Lake Avenue
    Rochester, NY 14608
    Phone: (800) 462-1715; (585) 647-1150
    Fax: (585) 647-2177
    President/CEO: JoAnne M. Ryan
    E-mail Address: jryan@voawny.org

    Volunteers of America of Greater Ohio, Inc.
    1776 East Broad Street
    Columbus, OH 43203
    Phone: (614) 253-6100
    Fax: (614) 372-3103
    President/CEO: Dennis Kresak
    E-mail Address: dennis.kresak@voago.org

    Volunteers of America of Northwest Ohio, Inc.
    1401 N. Summit Street
    Toledo, OH 43604
    Phone: (419) 248-3733
    Fax: (419) 248-1571
    President/CEO: Sue Reamsnyder
    E-mail Address: sue.reamsnyder@voanwo.org

    Volunteers of America of Oklahoma, Inc.
    9605 East 61st Street
    Tulsa, OK 74133
    Phone: (918) 307-1500
    Fax: (918) 307-1520
    President/CEO: Pam Richardson
    E-mail Address: prichardson@voaok.org

    Volunteers of America of Oregon, Inc.
    3910 S.E. Stark Street
    Portland, OR 97214
    Phone: (503) 235-8655
    Fax: (503) 239-6233
    President/CEO: Kay Dean Toran
    E-mail Address: ktoran@voaor.org

    Volunteers of America of Pennsylvania
    2112 Walnut Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17103
    Phone: (717) 236-1440
    Fax: (717) 236-6930
    President/CEO: Alan R. Garner
    E-mail Address: agarner@voapa.org

    Volunteers of America of the Carolinas
    P.O. Box 1447
    Columbia, SC 29202
    Phone: (803) 779-6465
    Fax: (803) 779-1657
    President/CEO: Robert (Rob) Rogers
    E-mail Address: rrogers@voacarolinas.org

    Volunteers of America, Dakotas
    1309 W. 51st Street
    Sioux Falls, SD 57105
    Phone: (605) 339-1199
    Fax: (605) 335-5514
    President/CEO: Pamela (Pam) Bollinger
    E-mail Address: p.bollinger@voa-dakotas.org

    Volunteers of America Texas, Inc.
    300 East Midway Drive
    Euless, TX 76039
    Phone: (817) 529-7358
    Fax: (817) 529-0500
    President/CEO: Melody Timinsky
    E-mail Address: mtiminsky@voatx.org

    Volunteers of America of Utah, Inc.
    435 W. Bearcat Drive
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115
    Phone: (801) 363-9414
    Fax: (801) 355-3546
    President/CEO: Kathy Bray
    E-mail Address: kathy.bray@voaut.org

    Volunteers of America of Eastern Washington and
    Northern Idaho
    525 West Second Avenue
    Spokane, WA 99201-4301
    Phone: (509) 624-2378
    Fax: (509) 624-2275
    President/CEO: Marilee K. Roloff
    E-mail Address: mroloff@voaspokane.org

    Volunteers of America of Western Washington
    2802 Broadway
    Everett, WA 98201
    Phone: (425) 259-3191
    Fax: (425) 258-2838
    President/CEO: Phil Smith
    E-mail Address: PSmith@voaww.org

    Volunteers of America of Wisconsin, Inc.
    1661 North Water St.
    Suite 401
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    Phone: (414) 847-1515
    Fax: (414) 847-1510
    President/CEO: Jim Stewart
    E-mail Address: jstewart@voawi.org

    Volunteers of America, Northern Rockies
    1876 S. Sheridan Avenue
    Sheridan, WY 82801
    Phone: (307) 672-0475
    Fax: (307) 672-0476
    President/CEO: Jeff Holsinger
    E-mail Address: jholsinger@voanr.org

  • Volunteers of AmericaVolunteers of America
    Programs & Services

    Aging with Options™
    We aim to transform the current senior care system
    by providing people with guidance and control over
    their care, and allow older Americans the freedom to
    receive care while living longer in their own homes
    and communities.

    Children and Youth Services
    We are committed to encouraging positive
    development for children, youth and their families.
    Our programs include prevention, early intervention,
    crisis intervention and long-term services.

    Community Enhancement
    By acting as a safety net for individuals and families
    in need, we work to strengthen and enhance
    communities. We offer a variety of community
    programs including information and referral, food
    and prepared meals, thrift stores and collaborations
    with the faith community.

    Correctional Services
    We help rehabilitate adult offenders and steer youth
    to set new, positive directions for their lives. Services
    include halfway house and work release programs,
    day reporting, diversion and pre-trial services,
    residential treatment, family supports, and dispute
    resolution and mediation services.

    Elderly Services
    We encourage seniors to be healthy and active
    through a host of supportive services. We provide
    senior centers and day programs, Program of All-
    Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), home repair
    and homemaker services, information and referral,
    Meals-on-Wheels and group meal programs,
    transportation, companion services, protection
    against abuse and neglect and volunteer services.

    Employment and Training Services
    We work to prevent unemployment and
    underemployment through a range of training and
    employment services. Our programs include adult
    literacy, computer centers, work experience
    programs, counseling, job placement and supportive
    employment for individuals with disabilities.

    Health Care Services
    For seniors and others coping with illness or injury,
    we offer long-term nursing care, assisted living,
    memory care, nursing care, rehabilitative therapy and
    more. We also address the continuing HIV epidemic
    through prevention and family support services.

    Homeless Services
    We work to prevent and end homelessness for
    individuals and families through a range of support
    services. These services include eviction prevention,
    emergency services, housing, transitional housing
    with services and permanent affordable housing.

    We are one of the nation’s largest nonprofit
    providers of quality, affordable housing for families,
    the elderly and people with disabilities. We provide
    homes to more than 25,000 people annually.

    Intellectual Disability Services
    We empower people with intellectual disabilities to
    be independent and involved in the community.
    Services include in-home supports, day programs
    and employment, specialized residential services and
    supported living.

    Mental Health
    We empower people with mental illnesses to thrive
    in the community and successfully manage their
    illness through crisis counseling and “hotline”
    programs, day programs and drop-in centers,
    transportation, and supported independent living.

    Substance Abuse
    We work to prevent and eliminate substance abuse
    by youth and adults through residential and
    outpatient services, from prevention to treatment to
    long-term support.

    Volunteers of America is committed to ending
    homelessness for veterans on the street and
    preventing others from becoming homeless by
    providing a wide array of services to meet their
    specific needs. Services include supportive housing,
    service centers, and employment training.

  • Volunteers of America Jobs – Now Hiring – Submit an Application.

Volunteers of America

Hundreds of human service programs, including housing and healthcare.

Free Dental in Miami-Dade
To improve and maintain oral health of the medically underserved.

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