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Everything You Need to Know About Television Technology
The TV proved to be the single most innovative consumer technology until the computing age, and to this day, it remains a powerhouse in the entertainment realm. But how did we get here, what’s next, and how much do you know about the technology that makes the tube so popular? Learn more.


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  • Mechanical Televisions & Electronic Televisions

    Mechanical televisions used a spinning disc (known as the Nipkow disc) with a spiral pattern containing holes. Each hole scanned a line in an image which – in theory – allowed image transmission over wire and on to… Read full article.

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  • RCA, Franklin Roosevelt and the Birth of American TV Culture

    The first working prototype saw the light of day in 1927. Philo Farnsworth showcased the CRT technology to display an image consisting of 60 horizontal lines. The image? A dollar sign. In 1929, Russian inventor… Read full article.

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  • The First Color TV

    Until 1953, households that owned a TV were limited to black and white pictures. Color technology was actually available in the early 1940s, but due to the ban on the production of television sets and radio… Read full article.

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