View Your Public Records

Search names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or property addresses for access to personal information, criminal history, property records and more.

  • Access to Billions of Public Records in the U.S.A.

    The personal information report may reveal a person’s full name, maiden name, phone numbers, age, known aliases, address history by “last seen” date, and current address location.

    The phone numbers may contain both potential owner names and information on possible persons associated with those numbers.

    The current address is displayed with an interactive map and satellite imagery and access to an in-depth property report including home values and sales.

    The property records are related to physical property associated with the person you are searching. This report may locate their current and historical real estate assets including detailed information on those properties. View satellite maps, parcel numbers, and country assessor data such as property tax amounts, home value, and building specifications. Even see buyer/seller info, sales prices, and co-owners, where available

    The criminal history report may contain arrest or conviction records as well as outstanding warrants and traffic violations such as speeding tickets.

    When a criminal record is found we detail the offense along with the date and location of the crime. Our detailed report is compiled using federal, state, county, and local databases including records from departments of corrections, federal and state courts, and Most Wanted lists. Criminal records are found based on availability.

    Our access to hard-to-find public records may reveal individuals who have a close relationship to your search subject. In addition to relatives this report may show boyfriends, girlfriends, roommates, business associates as well as ex-husbands and ex-wives.

    We also provide access to our proprietary AlertMe feature, which sends alerts and monitors potential changes we find in our data on an ongoing basis. AlertMe will monitor public record changes we find and send you an alert email, as we find them.

    We also give you the ability to run reverse telephone results, as well as run reverse email searches to see what social networks, where available, are attached to an email. Social networks are a potential way to uncover additional information about a search subject.

    And, automatically be notified if there are any changes to a report that you ran in the past.

    Please note: Your search may also reveal information such as photos, videos, family and friends, and hidden profiles on social media networks.

    Public Records Search

    Source: Affordable Fast Access to Public Data | BeenVerified Background Check

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  • Search billions of data points to uncover criminal histories, sex offenders, court decisions and past crimes. Search addresses, phone numbers and contact information so you can reconnect with old friends, family and classmates. And, with all this data, you will now be able to make better decisions about relationships, property and family history.

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