Parenting and Counseling Programs

In-home intervention services designed to reduce aggressive behaviors between parents/caregivers and their children.

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  • Camelot Community Care

    Intensive, in-home therapeutic program provided for up to 10 hours per week by highly-trained Functional Family Therapy Master’s level clinicians to serve families with youth at risk of delinquency or youth with a history of delinquent behavior.

    Length of program: 4-6 months

    Contact: Jennifer Bonness
    954-958-0988 ext. 3026 (Office)
    954-296-4325 (Mobile)

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  • Children’s Harbor

    In-home program provided once per week by Bachelor’s or Master’s level staff using the “Nurturing Parenting” curriculum to serve families at risk of abuse and neglect.

    Length of program: up to 1 year

    Contact: Omrit Shimoni
    954-252-3072 ext. 205

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  • Children’s Home Society of South Florida

    In-home therapy program provided 1-2 times per week by Master’s level staff using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to serve families at risk of abuse and neglect. Case management and parenting education also provided as needed.

    Length of program: 4-6 months

    Contact: Gerard John

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Free Dental in Miami-Dade
To improve and maintain oral health of the medically underserved.

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