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How to Sew On a Button (Instructional Video)

How many times have we experienced getting dressed for an important event and had a button pop off? Being able to sew buttons on garments is a simple skill and everyone should know how to do it. You can learn—even if you’re all thumbs! This video will show you how.

How to Sew On a Button Basic Sewing Skills

To replace a button, you’ll need a new button (or if you were able to salvage the old one, use that), some thread, a sewing needle, a pair of scissors and (optionally) Fray Check™ sealant. Now, watch and learn!

  • Living Solutions Travel Sewing Kit
    Perfect For Travel, Purse, Office Or Home Contains 31 Pieces Contains: Super Glue Pen Tape Measure Seam Ripper Folding Travel Scissors Thimble 6 Straight Pins 10 Assorted Safety Pins 4 Buttons 6 Pre-Threaded Needles Made In China

    $4.19 Walgreens

    Singer Sewing Kit
    Kit includes: Thread in 10 colors (3 yards per spool), 25″ tape measure, 3 needles, 2 safety pins, 1 pair of scissors, 1 plastic storage case, 3 straight pins, 1 needle threader, and 4 buttons. Made in China.

    $3.99 Walgreens

    ATR The Complete Sewing Kit
    Reusable storage case with 115 pieces. Includes: Scissors, 15 hand needles, Threader, 16 spools of thread, 8 buttons, 5 straight pins, Pin cushion, Thimble, 40 color head pins, 24 safety pins, Measuring tape, Seam ripper. Made in China.

    $5.00 Walgreens

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