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✓ Free or Low-cost Counseling Services

Get help dealing with stress, anger, alcohol or substance abuse, violent thoughts, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, sexual assault, low self-esteem, eating disorders or other problems that interfere with day-to-day living.

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  • Samaritan Counseling Centers is an interfaith center for psychotherapy established in 1973 to serve the communities of South Florida. Our mission is to work with people for healing, growth and life-giving change. Donations to Samaritan Counseling Centers make it possible to extend the reach of our care to persons and families unable to afford the full cost of counseling.

    Samaritan Counseling Centers
    101 S.E. 3rd Avenue
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301
    Broward: (954) 463-2273
    Dade: (305) 944-1153
    South Palm Beach: (561) 272-6322
    Toll Free: (866) 221-2268
  • FORT LAUDERDALE 24-Hour Helplines

    First Call Helpline
    Call 211 or (954) 537-0211

    First Call for Seniors
    (954) 390-0485

    Teen Hotline
    (954) 567-TEEN
    (954) 567-8336

    Phone Friend for Kids up to 13
    (954) 390-0486

    Call 754-322-3153

    Free counseling for any family residing in Broward County with a child of school age enrolled in a Broward County School. Located in 14 schools throughout the county. Short-term (8-12 sessions) family counseling including school related problems, mild depression, family communication, adjustment to significant family changes, interpersonal difficulties, and minor substance abuse.

Free or Low-cost Counseling in Broward

Why are Americans the most stressed people in the world?

Free Dental in Miami-Dade
To improve and maintain oral health of the medically underserved.

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