Family Strengthening for Special Needs

In-home therapeutic programs provided for strengthening protective factors by helping at-risk families develop and maintain supportive parent-child relationships.

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  • ARC Broward

    Specialized, in-home parent education program provided bi-monthly by Certified Behavioral Analysts, Bachelor’s and paraprofessional staff using the “Parents As Teachers” curriculum, modified to support parents of children with special needs (in concert with PAT National).

    Length of program: up to 3 years depending on family needs

    Contact: Tonya Ricker
    954-577-4107 (Office)
    954-661-3183 (Mobile)

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  • Juliana Gerena & Associates

    Family-based, in-home therapeutic program provided by Master’s level therapists using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to serve families with children with sexual behavioral issues residing in their home. Services include comprehensive assessments, the development of a safety plan, individual and family counseling, case management, and therapeutic parent and youth group sessions.

    Length of program: 9-12 months

    Contact: Juliana Gerena, Psy.D

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  • Center for Hearing and Communication

    In-home program provided a minimum of once per week by Master’s level staff using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the “Nurturing Parenting” curriculum to serve families at risk of abuse and neglect impacted by hearing loss.

    Length of program: an average of 6 months

    Contact: Tracy Perez
    954-601-1930 ext. 315

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Free Dental in Miami-Dade
To improve and maintain oral health of the medically underserved.

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