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✓ Braille and Audio Reading Materials

Talking Book LibraryWhether you enjoy fiction or nonfiction, bestsellers or classics, the Broward County Talking Book Library has something for you.


Books and magazines on tape, materials in Braille, and print/Braille children’s books can be checked out at the library or mailed postage-free to and from customers’ homes. Special cassette players and headphones are also loaned free of charge.


  • Apply online – Download Application (PDF).
  • Visit any Broward County branch library.
  • Call (954) 357-7555 and request that an application be mailed to you.
  • Email your request for an application to talkingbooks@broward.org.
  • You must include a note from a doctor or other qualified person, or have them sign the application, certifying that you cannot use ordinary reading materials because of a visual or physical disability.

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