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National Braille Press

Braille Book BagDid you know that as the parent of a blind or visually impaired child you are eligible to receive One Free Braille Book Bag from National Braille Press?


If your child is between the ages of birth and seven and is blind or visually impaired, we will send you one free Braille Bag full of fun and easy-to-read resources for both you and your child. And remember, you can request one Braille Bag for every blind child in your family! Bags are available in English or Spanish.

Braille Bags Contain:

  • An age-appropriate print/braille book for three age groups: birth-3 (red bags), 4-5 (blue bags), and 6-7 (green bags) in English or Spanish;
  • An order form for a free braille primer for sighted parents entitled Just Enough to Know Better;
  • A tactile ball (red bags only);
  • Print/braille alphabet card;
  • Because Books Matter, a guide for parents on why and how to read books with their young blind child;
  • A tactile graphic or flag;
  • Wikki Stix, a product that allows a child to make tactile pictures (blue or green bags only);
  • A gift coupon redeemable for another print/braille book or braille/large print playing cards;
  • Tactile Alphabet Letter sheets, showing upper- and lowercase print letters in raised-line format (blue bags only), and Tactile Number sheets (green bags only);
  • A Braille Caravan block.
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