The Largest Twist Tangle

The Largest Twist TangleThis is the largest twist tangle that can be found outside of a museum. Inspired by the Tibetan infinite knot–a pattern of interwoven forms with no beginning and no end–the tangle consists of seventeen 5″ L x 1 5/8″ diam. torus segments connected end-to-end in a continuous loop. A simple twist of one segment cascades throughout the sculpture, forming new, unexpected shapes. Described as a “self-enabling creative device” by its creator, Zen sculptor Richard X. Zawitz, manipulating the tangle purportedly creates a sense of relaxation, similar to crocheting or whittling. Durable ABS plastic with polished chrome plating. Ages 3 and up. (2 1/4 lbs.) See details.

Hammacher Schlemmer

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