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Clothes for Fashion Model Dolls

Clothes for Fashion Model Dolls
Volume 99
Hilde – Fashions in Wool
Original Copyright 1963

A collection of doll clothes patterns to knit for both male and female fashion model dolls. Made to fit 11 ½ inch girl fashion dolls and 12 inch boy fashion dolls. These doll clothes patterns are the perfect size for Barbie and Ken!

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  • All clothes shown in this book are designed to fit an 11 ½ inch girl fashion doll and a 12 inch boy fashion doll.
    NOTE: BUTTONHOLES are not necessary to knitted in the garments since all buttons are so small they can be buttoned easily through the stitches.
    K – Knit
    P – Purl
    ch. – Chain
    beg. – Beginning
    s.c. – Single Crochet
    stock. st. – Stockinette St. (K 1 row, P 1 row).
    sp. – Space
    sl. st. – Slip St.
    st. – Stitch
    sts. – Stitches
    garter st. – K every row.
    p.s.s.o. – Pass the slipped st. over the K st.
    sp – Space
    incl. – Inclusive
    tog. – K or P 2 sts. tog.
    decr. – Decrease (take 2 stitches and work off as one)
    incr. – Increase (add 1 stitch)
    inch – Inches
    y.o. – Yarn Over
    * (asterisk) – When this * appears, continue working until instructions refer you back to this symbol.
    Even means that it must be worked without increasing or decreasing.
    Pull sts. tog. – Break your yarn and leave about 10 inches. Thread a tapestry needle and pull this needle through the remaining sts.
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  • Evening Blouse | No. 770 | Doll Clothes Pattern
    Published by Hilde as Clothes for Fashion Model Dolls, Volume 99.
    ¼ oz. Mohair
    ¼ oz. Knitting Worsted
    Small amount of Angora for trimming
    1 pair knitting needles No. 5
    1 crochet hook No. 5 or F
    5 sts. = 1 inch
    Cast on 16 sts. with No. 5 needles and work in ribbing K 1, P 1 for 3 rows. Change to stock. st. and work even for 10 rows. Cast on for sleeves at the beg. of the next 2 rows 3 sts. Work even for 2 rows. K across 7 sts. and slip them to a holder to be worked later, bind off next 8 sts. for neck, K across rem. 7 sts. only. Decr. 1 st. at neck edge every row until 3 sts. remain. Bind off. Slip sts. from holder back to needle, attach yarn and finish this side to correspond.
    FRONT: Work as Back.
    Sew up shoulder seams and side seams incl. sleeves. With Angora work 2 rows s.c, around the neck and block to size.
    Distributed by BrowardLiving.org
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  • Cape Stole | No. 771 | Doll Clothes Pattern
    Published by Hilde as Clothes for Fashion Model Dolls, Volume 99.
    ½ ball 100% French Angora
    1 pair knitting needles No. 4
    1 crochet hook No. 4 or E
    GAUGE: 6 sts. = 1 inch
    Cast on 6 sts. with No. 4 needles. Work in stock. st. for 6 rows. Incr. 1 st. at the beg. and end of every row at outer edge only until there are 18 sts. on needle.
    Shape cape: * K 2, turn. Slip 1, P 1.
    K 4, turn. Slip 1, P 3.
    K 6, turn. Slip 1, P 5.
    K 8, turn. Slip 1, P 7.
    K 10, turn. Slip 1, P 9.
    K 12, turn. Slip 1, P 11.
    K 14, turn. Slip 1, P 13.
    K 16, turn. Slip 1, P 15.
    Work 4 rows stock. St. Repeat from * 3 times more. Decr. 1 st. at the beg. and end of every row at outer edge only until 6 sts. remain. Work stock. st. for 6 rows. Bind off. Work 1 row s.c, around outer edge and short ends of cape stole. Block to size.
    Distributed by BrowardLiving.org
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