Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Star Wars Lightsaber PenIf there’s one thing we love at ThinkGeek (okay, there isn’t, but play along), it’s mind hacks. The little things you can do to pull a Jedi mind trick on your brain and make you perform better. One that we learned back in our school days was to declare one pen our “lucky pen.” Said lucky pen was only to be used for tests and by using the lucky pen, we were guaranteed to do better than if we used another, lesser pen. And since these pens are imbued with The Force, they’ll obviously make the perfect lucky pen.

Styled like the lightsabers wielded by Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars saga, these pens are the writing implements of a more civilized age. A civilized age where people got As on tests and aced their presentations with the board. If your life is in need of a little luck, these lightsaber pens are just the Jedi mind trick you need. Product Specifications WARNING: Contains Sharp Point. Not intended for Children under 4 years of age A pen for a more civilized era Available in red, blue, and green Comes in a tin collector’s box to protect it (since it’s lucky!) NOTE: Luckiness of pen may vary. Do not contact ThinkGeek regarding failed tests. See details.


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