Mashoonga! Foam Sabers (Updated July 7, 2017)

Mashoonga! Foam SaberSometimes during a stressful day at the office, we just have to find new ways to relieve the tension and regain our sanity. Sometimes a duel breaks out, sometimes a skirmish, and sometimes a whole battle can erupt. Of course, all these are done as safe as possible and without really hitting too hard, so we can do it again the next day. That’s why we love having a Mashoonga! Foam Saber in hand.

Read on and share our joy…

Each Mashoonga! Foam Saber is ready for action. Slide it out of the mesh scabbard, and you are ready to begin whacking. A strong, polycarbonate core gives the Mashoonga! Foam Saber internal strength and flexibility, while the foam is soft, flame resistant polyethylene (with an additive for strength, durability and UV protection). Sure, you can fight an office duel with them, but they are also great for lightsaber practice, LARP questing, and being the best foam-bladed, katana-wielding ninja you can be. Get a Mashoonga! Foam Saber or two today, and get ready for a more adventurous tomorrow.

Please Note: These are the most durable foam sabers we’ve found, but remember: though they are foam, they can still hurt. Just play smartly and nicely, ok?

Mashoonga! Foam Saber Great for lightsaber practice, office duels, LARPing, and just having fun. Removable and washable for nylon sleeve. Includes scabbard/carrying bag and a sticker! For Ages: 10 and up. Dimensions: 2.5″ diameter x 33″ long. See details.

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