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✓ Kindle Public Domain Books

Kindle Public Domain Books

Free Kindle Books for use with or without a Kindle. Includes wireless delivery. See complete listing »

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Now you can read thousands of free books, including popular classics, on the application of your choice. Whispersync technology saves and synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across your devices. You can also adjust the text size to make reading more comfortable. Download and read Kindle books today – no Kindle required. Download now »

Here are just a few of the FREE Kindle Books available on Amazon:

Action / Mystery / Thriller

  • Download The First Excellence – Fa-ling’s Map, by Donna Carrick
  • Download River Rising, by Kevin Kearney
  • Download How to get a Literary Agent in Two Murders or Less, by Ellie Burmeister
  • Download Unnatural Disasters, by Daniel Pyle
  • Download Happy Valley, by Diana Anderson
  • Download Bloodline: Ultimate Fifth Avenue Novels Box Set, by Christopher Smith
  • Download Drift Away, by Jeff Shelby
  • Download I Hope You Find Me, by Trish Marie Dawson
  • Download Mauria, by Steve North
  • Download New Orleans Mourning, by Julie Smith
  • Download Sand: The Colonel’s Daughter, by Lili Tufel

Biographies / Memoirs

  • Download Cracking Up: A Memoir of Alcoholic Recovery, by Grant Arboro
  • Download Run Away, by Jeanhee Kang
  • Download Four Wheels and a Microphone: Tales of an Unknown Comedian, by Ward Anderson
  • Download WOMEN WHO KILL, by RJ Parker
  • Download Donkey Heart Monkey Mind, by Djaffar Chetouane
  • Download Au Naturel: A Summer on Martha’s Vineyard, by James Sanford


  • Download How To Start Your Own Bouncy Castle Business, by Graeme Renwall
  • Download iPad Publishing Guide: Write, Publish and Sell Your Book on the Apple iPad with FastPencil, by Michael Ashley
  • Download Retail Rebellion – Creating Your Own Online Retail Empire – 2012 Edition, by Nathan Hartnett

Children / Teens

  • Download Safari Stanley’s Farm Animal Friends – Peek-A-Boo Who’s Inside the Barn? (Baby Books Discovery & Play Series), by Christopher Biggs
  • Download Javier, by H.H. Fowler
  • Download Shadow and Shade (Without Mother Without Father Trilogy), by C.K. Edwards
  • Download The Brainiacs vs. The Ravens, by Brook Syers
  • Download Little Red Ted Adventure Series #12, by J.J. Cross
  • Download Ocean Creatures Library (A Set of 5 “I Love Reading” Level 2 Readers), by Cindy Bracken
  • Download Lily Out of Bounds (Soccer Sisters), by Andrea Montalbano
  • Download Isaiah the Dinosaur Hunter, by Ryan Bender, by Ryan Bender
  • Download The Haunted Horn, by Edward Willett
  • Download The Cries Of Vampira:, by Sean H. Robertson
  • Download J.K. Drew Boxed Set: All Six Novels
  • Download The Tale of Time Warp Tuesday (The second of the Zephram Tales), by Leslie A. Susskind
  • Download Jokes, by Kids: Volume 1, by Barbara Feldman
  • Download Happily Never After (The Grimm Chronicles, Book 2), by Ken Brosky
  • Download RILEY QUINN, by Daniel Stanton

Cooking / Food


  • Download Crimson Midnight (The Crimson Series), by Amos Cassidy
  • Download Immortal’s Eden, by Lori Perry
  • Download A Bad Spell in Yurt (The Royal Wizard of Yurt), by C. Dale Brittain
  • Download Vaalbara, Visions & Shadows, by Michelle Horst


  • Download Stonewiser: The Heart of the Stone, by Dora Machado
  • Download Vainglorious Sun, by Mark D. Longo
  • Download Long Time Coming, by Vanessa Miller
  • Download The Voyage of Promise: Grace in Africa Series #2, by KAY MARSHALL STROM
  • Download Bullets for a Ballot, by Nik Morton
  • Download Friends With Partial Benefits, by Luke Young
  • Download Down The Wire, by William Breen
  • Download Francesca of Lost Nation, by Lucinda Sue Crosby
  • Download Sky of Red Poppies, by Zohreh Ghahremani
  • Download The King of Blades, by Ken Brosky
  • Download The Pattern, by jt kalnay
  • Download Gone to Green: The Green Series #1, by Judy Christie
  • Download Risen, by Jan Strnad


  • Download Panama 1914 (The early years of the Big Dig), by Ken Rossignol
  • Download On Summer Seas – Wars of the Roses Novel  by Richard Unwin


  • Download Dead America: A Zombie Novel, by Luke Keioskie
  • Download Twice as Dark: Two Novels of Horror, by Glen Krisch
  • Download The Glimpsing, by James L. Black
  • Download The Soul Garden (Twisted Souls #1), by Cege Smith
  • Download The Real, by James Cole
  • Download 2012 AD: Mayan Apocalypse


  • Download Days of Derangement: Sidesplitting Stories from a Loopy Life, by Jackie Papandrew
  • Download Interfering With Nature, by Kate Grayson
  • Download The Aunt Sally Team, by Flick Merauld
  • Download J.D. The Plot to Steal J.D. Salinger’s Manuscripts, by Sierra Philpin
  • Download Berating Others On Your Way to a Lifetime of Happiness: That, and Dating Around the World, by Kevin Leu


  • Download Quest, Inc. Can you buy a new life?, by Justin Cohen
  • Download Think Yourself Thin, by Debbie Johnson
  • Download Creating YOUR Plan for Weight Loss Success, by P. Seymour
  • Download Vet Tech Tales: The Early Years (Confessions of an Animal Junkie), by Phoenix Sullivan


  • Download The God Killer, by Adam Farasati
  • Download True Ghost Stories: Real Short Tales of the Supernatural (The Real Paranormal Psychic Series), by Rosemary Breen
  • Download Beatitudes: How to Live a Blessed Life (Daily-Bible-Reading Series), by Deborah H. Bateman
  • Download Delivered With Love, by Sherry Kyle
  • Download The Harry Potter Bible Study: Enjoying God Through the Final Four Harry Potter Movies, by Jared Moore
  • Download Moses – Steps to a Life of Faith, by Bob Saffrin


  • Download It’s a Dog’s Life, by Dale Mayer
  • Download More Than Memories, by Kristen James
  • Download Revenge, by Rita Karnopp
  • Download Impact (Wild Men of Alaska), by Tiffinie Helmer
  • Download Chasing Destiny, by Linda Eble Swain
  • Download Yellowstone Heart Song, by Peggy L Henderson
  • Download Promise Me, by Dee Julian
  • Download New England Witch Chronicles, by Chelsea Bellingeri
  • Download Full Circle, by Mona Ingram
  • Download The Macgregor’s Daughter, by Dee Julian
  • Download Fireblossom (The Western Novels), by Cynthia Wright

Science Fiction

  • Download Solstice: a novel of the Zombie Apocalypse, by Donna Burgess
  • Download Invisible Dawn (Altered Realities), by Weston Kincade
  • Download Beyond 2012: Watch Where You’re Going, by Jaimy Mauricio
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