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Broward County Emergency Hotlines Abuse Registry Florida Department …

Comment on Broward County Emergency Hotlines by Broward County, Florida.

Broward County Emergency Hotlines

Abuse Registry Florida Department of Children and Families
(800) 962-2873

Animal Control
(954) 903-7117

Behavioral Health
(407) 303-8533
(800) 869-1616
24-hour mental health hotline.

Broward County Call Center
(954) 831-4000 for English, Spanish or Creole
(954) 831-3940 for TTY (Hearing impaired)

Broward General Medical Center (Psychiatric)
(954) 355-4400

Child Abuse Hotline
(800) 962-2873
To report child abuse 24 hours a day

Child Find
(800) 426-5678

Child-Help USA
(800) 422-4453

Children’s Harbor
Family Strengthening Program
(954) 252-3072 ext. 203

Children’s Harbor
Residential Group Home
(954) 252-3072

Children’s Medical Services
(954) 713-3100

Coalition to End Homelessness
(877) 524-2337
(954) 792-2337

Community Hotline
(954) 831-4000

Crimes Compensation
(800) 226-6667

Crisis Unit (19th Street)
(954) 739-8605

Catholic Charities
(866) 758-0025

Community-Jail Linkage Coalition, Inc. (Miami Dade)
(866) 573-8311

Department of Children & Families
(954) 467-4298

Department of Juvenile Justice
(954) 467-4381

Disaster Distress Helpline
(800) 985-5990 (or text TalkWithUs to 66746)

Family Health Line
(800) 451-2229
Information and assistance for pregnant women and their newborn infants.

Family Network on Disabilities
(800) 825-5736

Feed the Children
(800) 627-4556

Fire Rescue / Broward Sheriff’s Office (Non-Emergencies)
(954) 765-4321

First Call for Help
Referral hotline
(954) 537-0211 or Dial 2-1-1

First Call for Seniors
(954) 390-0485

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence
(800) 500-1119

Florida Council Against Sexual Violence
(888) 956-7273

Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service
(800) 342-8060

Fort Lauderdale Hospital
Mental Health
(800) 585-7527
(954) 463-4321

Henderson Crisis Walk in Center & Mobil Crisis Unit
(954) 463-0911

Hill Burton Free Hospital Care
(800) 638-0742

(800) 227-8922
(800) 342-2437

Hollywood Pavilion
(800) 403-4208
(954) 962-1355

Homeless Helpline
(954) 563-4357
(888) 537-0211
or Dial 2-1-1

Hugs for Kids
(954) 934-0900
Child abuse prevention effort

(800) 239-FOOD

Kids in Distress
(954) 390-7654
819 NE 26th Street
Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Medical Examiner
(954) 357-5200

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)
(877) 623-3435

North Broward Hospital District Health Line
(800) 548-4888

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-TALK
(888) 628-9454 for Spanish-speaking callers

Phone Friend (For kids up to 13)
(954) 390-0486

Poison Control
(800) 282-3171

Public School District Security Hotline
(754) 321-0911

Rape (Our House)
(954) 761-RAPE

Report a Complaint in Broward County
(954) 831-4000 or Dial 3-1-1

Senior Help Line
(954) 522-5220

Sexual Assault / Abuse
(954) 765-4159

School District Rumor Control Hotline
(754) 321-0321

Social Security
(800) 772-1213

(800) 784-2433
(888) 333-2377

Suicide Hotline
(954) 537-0211 or Dial 2-1-1

Teen Hotline
(954) 567-TEEN
(954) 567-8336

Teen Tapes
(954) 390-0490
79 pre-recorded hot topics on youth issues. Call anytime day or night.

The SETH Line (Peer support)
(954) 578-5640

Touchline/Senior Helpline
(954) 537-0211
Provides social contact and emotional support through a daily telephone call for people 60 years of age and older.

Women in Distress (Crisis hotline)
(800) 500-1119

Youth Mental Health Line
(888) 568-1112

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Broward County, Florida Also Commented

Re: Broward County Emergency Hotlines
HOPE Outreach Center, Inc. is committed to Helping Other People Everyday. Our many programs and services offer a hand up to people who are unable to make ends meet due to job losses, disabilities, health crises, and other emergencies. Read more.

HOPE Outreach Center, Inc.
4700 SW 64th Avenue, Suite A
Davie, Florida 33314
Phone: 954-321-0909
Fax: 954-321-1059

Re: Broward County Emergency Hotlines
Legal Aid Service of Broward County – Low income individuals and families may qualify for free legal advice or representation. Please call 954-736-2431 for more information.

Re: Broward County Emergency Hotlines
Broward County Homeless Helpline for homeless individuals and families seeking shelter. To initiate assessment for homeless services, call 954-537-0211 or (toll free) 1-888-537-0211.

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