Breast Cancer Heroes

Help honor your Breast Cancer Hero by posting their photo, video and a message. A breast cancer hero can be… Patient, survivor, loved one lost, Researchers, Spouses, Doctors, Nurses, Friends, Family, or anyone you know that is affected by or fighting Breast Cancer. View all heroes.

Cancer Mortality Milestone: 25 years of Continuous Decline
Racial gap narrowing while socioeconomic inequalities widen

Actress Vanessa Hudgens Named American Cancer Society Global Ambassador; Joins Super Bowl Sweepstakes

Proportion of Cancers Associated with Excess Body Weight Varies Considerably by State
Cancers related to body weight twice as predominant in women than in men

Excess Body Weight Responsible for Nearly 4% of Cancers Worldwide
Prevalence has increased rapidly in most countries across all population groups

Three New Members and New Officers Elected to the American Cancer Society Board of Directors

Imagine a world without Breast Cancer… We do! — Michelle


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