Broward County Property Appraiser

The Property Appraiser is responsible for ensuring the fair assessment (value) of all properties and applying all exemptions. Read more.

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    We are visiting neighborhoods around Broward!
    By state law, we must personally view each property in Broward County at least once every five years. That is why our residential appraisers are busy these days inspecting, measuring and photographing the exteriors of properties throughout Broward. Our appraisers are easy to recognize: all of them wear official shirts and bright orange vests clearly identifying them as BCPA staff, and each carries a BCPA photo identification card and badge. Feel free to ask to see an ID if you have any concerns.

    Important note
    Our appraisers will NEVER ask to enter your home, and we will NEVER enter locked backyards. If you have questions about these inspections, please contact our office at 954-357-6831.

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